Beyond Excellent – Exceeded Expectations

Sema Yildirim works for you. We consulted with and then hired Sema to assist us with the tedious tasks of renewing my husband’s “green card.” Despite the challenges of government timelines and paperwork, Sema worked tirelessly through the finite details, all the while making sure that we were not stressed. With a calming, caring and wonderfully accepting professional attitude and nature, we plodded together through the process which of courses ended in success. She crosses all her Ts and dots all of her Is. Not only was the journey seamless, but we were treated in her eyes as a fully legitimate and bona fide married couple, even though we are both men. We recommend Sema Yildirim without reservation. You will not be disappointed. In fact, we have hired her again to assist us with the citizenship application! you will absolutely love Sema; she goes above and beyond – exceeding all expectations!


Awesome, Honest, and Straightforward Lawyer

I am a single father and had no idea of what rights I had as a father of a child out of wedlock. Sema helped explain all of my rights and the process that was involved in securing my paternal rights in the state of Florida. She made no promises and was very honest about the process. In the end I received 50/50 shared custody and did not have to pay child support. I received what was deemed in the best interest of my child, which was what I was seeking. I was referred to Sema by a friend who was very familiar with her work ethic and professionalism. I wish I consulted with her 5 years prior to when I did. I would have been well educated and may have saved myself a lot of grief. I consulted with a couple other attorneys and they did not make me feel comfortable with their approach to representing me in my situation. Sema gave me facts and did not over promise. I would recommend her to anyone family or friend. My conclusion was greater than I expected.


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Sema is a Warrior.

When served with a baseless motion for contempt, I consulted with a few different attorneys before finding Sema. She immediately put my mind at ease. Although the opposing counsel had no incentive to resolve the issue without going to court. (The longer he was able to drag the case out the more he was able to bill the ex-wife.) Sema went to war on my behalf and was able to get a resolution that was far better than I had dared to hope. Her legal mind, professionalism, work ethic and principled approach to the litigation is an asset to anyone who has the wisdom to choose her as their attorney. Had I known about Sema when I was going through my divorce, the outcome would have been far more equitable and much less expensive.
Divorce often turns into a war. Do yourself a favor and get the advantage that comes with having Sema Yildirim as your lawyer.



Sema was absolutely wonderful! She took care of everything, including all the paper work, notary needs, and just made everything so simple. All I had to do was show up. She was professional, polite, compassionate, and timely. I hope I don’t ever need her services again, but if I do, she will be the lawyer I call.
Sema, thank you so much for everything. Sorry this took me so long to do. Blessings!


Hire Sema if you want to win!

I wholeheartedly recommend Sema Yildirim for any of your legal needs. Going through a divorce can be an overwhelming feeling. However, Sema was able to reassure me immediately that she was an excellent lawyer though her demeanor, her knowledge and her confidence in her abilities.
I especially appreciated how hands-on Sema was and how diligent she was with communication. We communicated regularly via telephone, email and face to face. So, I was always aware of the progress of my case.
I mean this in the nicest way possible but, Sema is a “bulldog” when defending her clients. It was clear to me that she was a tireless advocate for my parental rights and very knowledgeable about case law. Because of Sema’s hard work, I was more than satisfied with the results of my case,
Sema, I’ll always appreciate you walking beside me through one of the most trying times of my life. Thanks for everything!


A great partner

Sema does a great job keeping your best interests at play at all times. She advises and explains what is going on to help you make the best decision possible. She is honest and does not nickel and dime you. She was always professional and helped me stay on track towards a positive resolution.


Sema Yildirim’s

INS denied my husband citizenship, I hired Sema she was very confident on what she was doing, she was pronto to return phone call or e-mails, She is a very professional, a wonderful personality, just a wonderful service.


I Highly Recommend This Attorney!!!!

There are not enough words to show my gratitude for what Sema Yildirim has done for me. Sema is hands down the best attorney out there and I am thankful every day that I hired her. She was highly recommended to me by a friend and man was he right!!! She was my attorney for a very lengthy divorce/child custody case. She stood by my side from the beginning until the very end. Her advice was always spot on and she always managed to keep me calm. Her work ethic and attention to detail are second to none. I never felt alone throughout the entire process and she made it very easy to stay in contact with her. Her trial/courtroom experience was phenomenal during hearings. She will fight for what is right and won’t let down!! In the end she was able to get me 50/50 custody (what I wanted) with minimal financial hardship. Sema was also more than fair with her pricing and worth every penny I paid her. Please take my advice and hire Sema if you need an outstanding attorney. You will never find someone more hardworking and dedicated to you.


Amazing !

Miss Sema was a blessing yesterday as I was sitting in the court room anxicious and nervous she was so helpful. Doing something extra and keeping her atleast an extra hour in the court room she sat with me and guided me thru proceedings and what I needed to do. What a wonderful experience with her help . God bless can’t thank you enough.




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