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Often women put their careers on hold to tend the household and raise children; then, they sometimes find themselves in a real crisis when the marriage falls apart without financial support. Our firm understands that women, especially as mothers, have different needs when it comes to divorce or custody litigation. Sometimes women find themselves as victims of domestic violence and need a strong, experienced attorney to help create a quick and safe solution. Worries of supporting children along with paying the bills while the case is pending often paralyze women with fear. Even if the marriage was not a long term marriage, there are different types of relief including temporary alimony and temporary child support until you can have your day in court. In many instances, a court will even order the superior earner to pay your attorney fees and costs. If you are not sure about your rights, just give us a call so we can evaluate your case and put your mind at ease. You can trust that attorney Sema will approach your case with compassion and will diligently work towards a solution that works for your specific needs.