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It is quite natural that men have different concerns and needs than women when it comes to child custody and divorce matters. There is usually a lot of emotion, sometimes animosity, and other underlying personal problems that complicate family law issues. Our firm understands that “one-size-fits-all” will not work for family law matters and that each case is unique; therefore, our approach is equally unique when we take each and every case. Many of our male clients express fears of not being able to see their children or spend quality time with them. Other times men are sued for unreasonable amounts of child support or alimony and experience existential fear. We have even witnessed parents using their children as pawns during custody/divorce litigation, which adds anxiety and stress to an already charged legal battle. Our clients can feel confident in knowing that Florida law does not discriminate: The law does not give a mother preference over a father. Contrary to popular belief, Florida courts often give fathers equal time sharing with their children as it’s usually in a child’s best interest to have both parents involved.  Attorney Sema will help you properly evaluate and prepare your case to make the facts work in your favor. She is a strong believer in fathers’ rights. Make an appointment to have your case evaluated. We want to alleviate your worries.